facebook page to be bloked

The Prophet Muhammad sketch
drawing competition was held today on
Facebook despite the wide-scale protests from
thousands of Muslims throughout the world.
Therefore, the Indonesian Communications and
Technology Ministry is planning to block the page
of the group that is called Everybody Draw
Mohammed Day, which joined the social
networking site since April 25.
“We won’t be blocking the access to the entire
website. It’ll be only to the group’s page,” the
ministry’s Information and Public Relations Center
Head Gatot S Dewa Broto told VIVAnews in
Jakarta on Thursday, May 20.
The Communications and Information Ministry
also plans to invite ISPs (Internet Service
Provider) and the Indonesian ISP Association
(APJII) to discuss about the access blocking.
“As soon as we agree on that, we’ll send a letter
to the Facebook administrators to block the
access of the page to Indonesia, ” Broto said.
In addition to defamation against Islam and
possible provocative reactions, the main reason
why the ministry would remove the access is
because the content violates the applicable laws in
“First, it’s against Article 21 Law No 36/ 1999 on
Telecommunication, which states that
telecommunication providers are not allowed to
run any business that clashes with public
interests, morality and public order ”.
Law No 11/ 2008 on Information and Electronic
Transaction also mentions in its Article 28
paragraph 2 that everyone is prohibited from
intentionally and illegally publishing information
that aims to evoke anger or individual and/or
group conflicts between certain members of the
society based on racial and religious diversity.
“The facts allow the ministry to take serious
action against the event, although now, it’s only
been sending a letter to the administrators stating
our objection towards the publication of the
forum and expecting them to consider removing
the group from Facebook, ” Broto said.
He also said the gesture did not aim to perform a
unilateral blocking because it was only an appeal.
However, by sending the letter, the government
has taken a concrete and immediate action.
“Basically, we only want the URL to be blocked
because however, we think Facebook has a lot of
advantages, ” he said.

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